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Endura Humvee

shorts cycling

Prior to this trip we both already owned the Endura Humvee shorts and had used them for day to day bicycle commuting and a few other cycle tours we had been on. Being baggie shorts with a liner they give you added comfort when on the bike but let you blend in a little bit when off the bike. Rather than purchase whole new shorts you are able to purchase the liner seperately so for this trip we kept our original outers and bought a couple of new inners each.

How have they performed (04/11/2010): Both of our pairs of shorts are now showing signs of wear with Emmas having a split inner leg seam and mine being generally faded with a split seam on one of the inners. Are we upset though? No way! We lived in these shorts for the last 6 months wearing them pretty much every day when cycling and a lot of the time when off the bikes as well. They have been through snow showers cycling in France, seemingly endless days of rain and absorbed no doubt litres of sweat from our warmer weather cycling in Turkey. Justin likes his shorts so much that he has bought another pair in particular loving the side map pockets which are useful for stuffing gloves, plastic bags and any miscellaneous camping equipment into when your hands are full. Emma is going to investigate getting her seam repaired in Istanbul to see if she can get another few months of riding from them.

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