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There are a huge number of touring bikes out there. Read on for more information on our cycle tour frames, saddles and components we considered along with how the final product seclection was made. As we are on the road we'll let you know how they are rolling along.

Although Emma and I went for the same bike with some slightly different component choices we are trying to maintain some semblance of individuality by making sure any bolt-ons are in different colours, silver for Em and black for Justin.

Item Details Link More Details
Bike Thorn Sherpa Thorn Cycles more details >>
Brakes Koolstop V-Brake Holder SJS Cycles more details >>
Front Racks - Justin Thorn Mark V Low Loader SJS Cycles more details >>
Pedals Shimano M324 Ebay more details >>
Pump Topeak Road Morph G Wiggle more details >>
Rear Racks Tubus Locc SJS Cycles more details >>

Justin half way up hill after Iznik