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Koolstop V-Brake Holder


When Emma met up with Roger, Dee, Ben and the other guys at the cycle touring master summit Koolstop brakes were one of the great suggestions that Roger had. As we were needing to replace our old Shimano Deore brake pads we decided to check out the Koolstop V-Brake holders.

After a bit of reading it quickly became clear these were well respected brakes and besides their stopping power would give us a weight saving by allowing us to only carry spare inserts rather than entire V-Brake pad mounts. We ordered 4 x holders and 4 x spare inserts from SJS as part of our spare parts order.

Fitting the holders was fairly straight forward although having the ability to position the holder in so many ways due to its ball-joint construction did entertain me for a good few hours while I found the perfect toe-in point on all 4 brakes. An initial test ride showed we certainly hadnt lost any stopping power and it will be interesting to see if the Koolstops last the same distance as the Shimanos which we got around 1500 miles use from.

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