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Thorn Mark V Low Loader

front racks - Justin

This was not my initial choice of front rack I was absolutely sold on the Surly Nice rack, until I visited a bike shop in Amsterdam and discovered the rack was really heavy. I guess I shouldn't have been suprised with its large top rack and multiple high and low mounting positions the rack is pretty chunky. So after realising that I wasnt quite sure what I was going to put on that front rack platform (maybe a sound system or a dog basket?) I opted for the Thorn Low Loaders.

The Low Loaders were shipped in such a small flat box I couldnt believe there was a rack inside. Fitting the rack was very painless and made a lot easier by the supply of a huge range of bolts, nuts, washers and spacers many of which have found a home on other parts of my bike. I particularly enjoyed the installation step where you are encouraged to stand on the rack and bend it to the shape of your forks, a gentle touch is better than arms of steel here though.

As I have yet to ride the bike fully loaded I cant comment on the handling but the racks allow for a good range of fitting positions. I will update from the road on how I find the racks under load.

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