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Shimano M324


When we cycled Lands End to John O'Groats we used double sided clipless pedals (Shimano M540) and found these to be fine for the three weeks we spent cycling. However both of us were aware that for a longer trip we wanted the fredom to cycle in a range of footwear, particularly sandals for hotter weather. This lead us to consider double sided pedals which although coming in a lot heavier than a standard clipless pedal (533gm vs 352gm) give the freedom to cycle in whatever footwear suits the consitions.

Taking the pedals out for their first test ride for some Winter Camping we found they took a little getting used to especially when clipping in. Both Emma and I quickly picked up the knack of trying to clip-in and if it didnt feel right flipping the pedal with our toe to try the other side. While this slows your start-off a little for extended cycling outside the city this would be less of an issue. On a few ocassions I cycled un-clipped on the platform side and found this to give a nice break for your feet from being permanently clipped in.

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