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Topeak Road Morph G


Only weeks before we left I realised we had overlooked a vitally important part of our kit, the pump. While we both had Topeak Pocket Rocket pumps I wasnt sure how these would stand up to the rigours of our trip. I also had some doubts about the ability of the Pocket Rocket to easily pump to the 90 PSI we run our tyres at. Carrying out a quick test with the Pocket Rocket I found that with a lot of effort I could reach around 80 PSI but it was pretty hard and put a lot of strain onto the tyre valve.

So I started looking around for one replacement pump as we would take one Pocket Rocket for use in emergencies. I found good reviews of the Road Morph G on the Going Slowly website and on the Wiggle product page so I went ahead and ordered it. When the pump arrived I was impressed with its compact size and after a quick test was easily able to reach my desired 90 PSI tyre inflation.

How has it performed (29/10/2010)? Over the final few weeks of our 2010 cycling to Cappadocia our tyres began to wear out and we had a large number of punctures within a few days. Although the pump had been fine until now we had only dealt with around five punctures so it hadnt really been used extensively.

During the repeated puncture fixing of our last few days the pump began to show signs of friction with the action becoming stiff and black marks appearing on the handle shaft. My guess was that the heat inside our panniers mixed with some dirt getting into the barrel had caused the lubrication to dry up and that some new lubricant and maybe a replacement O ring would sort this out. However I struggled to figure out how to open the pump to check inside. Eventually the pump became unusable and we fell back on the emergency Pocket Rocket for our last few flats.

I emailed Topeak customer support asking for details on how to disassemble the pump and was put in touch with their Turkish distributor, who in turn directed me to a Delta Bikes store in Istanbul with English speaking staff. After a quick visit to the store they showed me how to disassemble the pump by using a screw driver to apply pressure to the lip on the top of the barrel that locks the flip out handle in place. With my pump regreased, O ring replaced and a spare O ring for luck my pump was working again.

I am really happy with Topeak's customer service in helping me out with a tricky problem and now I know how to disassemble the pump I can maintain it myself.

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