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Tubus Locc

rear racks

Emma gets all the credit for finding out about the Tubus Locc rack. I had been using an Abus lock for a few years and had always bungeed it to the top of the rack or carried it inside a pannier. Neither of these methods are really suitable for touring when you want your lock to be easy to grab for those quick pit-stops and cant miss photo opportunities. A few points of interest:

  • As expected Emma got a silver rack and I went for black which actually had a small price difference as I think the black rack was the first of a new order after the exchange rate crashed.
  • The mechanism for sliding the rack in and out was very stiff on Emmas rack although with use this has now loosened a little but there is still no chance at all of the lock accidentally slipping out, you really need two hands to insert and remove it.
  • I was a little worried about wheel clearance but there is ample room between the lock and the rim/spokes.

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