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Iomega eGo

external hard drive

With the purchase of our new Canon G12 the need to have a large data backup became more important. We had been backing up to 16GB SD cards however With an average RAW format file size of around 12MB on the G12 we expected to quickly fill the cards we had. My ideal solution was a sizeable SDD hard drive however the price per GB on these is still way to high compared to SD cards and standard drives.

Reading around online I found quickly that there were few external drives that described themselves as ruggedised with the main contenders being the LaCie Rugged Drive which comes with a large rubberised shock proof surround and the Iomega eGo that sports an X shaped rubber sleeve that stretches over the corners, top and bottom of the drive.

There didn't seem to be a lot in the decision until I found a review from Popular Mechanics where both the LaCie and the eGo were the top two drives with the eGo coming out slightly ahead. I went for the 1TB model as the price difference from 500MB was only around 10 and as expected am already starting to fill the drive with photos and various data backups.

Iomega eGo + Case