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Samsung N140


The decision around netbooks came down to the N140 vs the Asus EEE PC 1005HA which were overall very similar spec and had largely good reviews. Initially I was pretty much sold on the Asus as Emma has had one of the original Asus EEE 900's for a few years and it has performed well however after visiting the Samsung shop in London and actually seeing the N140 up close I changed my mind. The N140 has a couple of things that sold me over the Asus as belo:

  • Chargeable USB - This is a single USB port (I would have loved more) that allows you to charge a USB device even when the netbook is powered down. Although Ive yet to make use of this I can see it being useful as we are trying to standardise power sources for the trip around USB and rechargeable batteries.
  • 10 Hour Battery Life - I know, I know reported battery life is always a bit of a scam in that it only lasts that long if you dont do anything on the netbook and turn all your peripherals off but still it was about one hour more than the Asus
  • Overall build quality - Overall I thought the Samsung felt a bit more solid and I dont mean heavier, just slightly more well constructed. Although this may yet change as Ive developed a "squeaky E" key in the last week which is curently lodged with Samsung as a support request. I will update as to progress on getting it fixed.

So the Samsung N140 won by a small margin and after upgrading to 2GB of RAM, replacing Windows 7 Starter (is it even a real OS?) with XP and installing a full local web and .Net development environment the N140 is performing remarkably well for something I can put inside its 2 cases and still hide behind my Dell laptop.