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Many people have helped us during our journey in ways both big and small. This page is a big shout out to all the helpers and our way of saying a big THANK YOU!

Other help along the way

  • Julie and Will provided cups of tea and tour of Bushy Park
  • Being let into the closed campsite at Santa Maria to camp under the reception awning
  • A bottle of wine from Cecillio after finding out his son was cycle touring in New Zealand
  • A chat and a cup of tea with a back-packing english couple at the campground in Gerliz
  • A box of lovely chocolates from a Bavarian couple we met at St-Marsal
  • Inspiration and advice from Going Slowly and Travelling Two
  • Reception at campsite Alba Village for their help arranging delivery of our new mats. Fingers crossed they arrive OK.
  • Campground Michelangelo in Florence for accepting delivery of our new mats and holding onto them until we arived
  • The helpful guides on our forest walk to Casa San Antonio in Regello who provided us with a wonderful walk, wine and a BBQ
  • Pero Skorie at Skradin-Skorici campsite for inviting us in for dinner after a long day cycling
  • German cycle tourist Gerhard we met in Split campground for suggesting a much flatter route into Bosnia than we had planned
  • Mario and family for letting their kids entertain us, lending us a mask and feeding us snacks

Other help along the way

  • Countless cups of cay from welcoming Turkish cay shops
  • A free room to sleep in beside a fish restaurant in Agva
  • Being let into a cafe closed for the winter by the owners son to spend the night with a warm fire the day we left Sinop
  • Being given bags of hazelnuts from various people outside Samsun and in Giresun
  • Sleeping in a beachfront campsite for free just before Trabzon
  • Having use of a skyscraper apartment in Moscow thanks to Warmshowers host Michael
  • Fellow passengers on our Russian trains for helping with our bike boxes - no thanks to grouchy carriage attendants though!
  • Guests staying in Aktash for sharing their 3G dongle with us giving us first proper internet access in 3 weeks!
  • The GoKunming website for helping us with our route planning in Southern China
  • Eeva for letting us to feed her cat and look after her wonderful apartment in Vientiane for a week of city living sophistication