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outdoor wedding

Getting Married with the Environment in Mind

Tons of non-recyclable plastic or non-biodegradable items are left behind at weddings all over the world. The thing is, many couples are not even aware of the waste their weddings

interior designer

Home Renovation Projects amid COVID-19

You may have grown tired of your current home setup due to the prolonged quarantine period. Sprucing up your home can bring out your creative side and allow you to


Nature’s Little Helpers: Having a Bee-Friendly Garden

Growing your garden contributes to the beautification of your surroundings and attracting beneficial insects, such as bees. In addition, you are providing them food, shelter, and protection in your vital

small space

How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

You’re standing at the doorway of your dream apartment, and you realize it’s a little smaller than when you first looked at it. Well, it’s too late to change your

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