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woman sitting by the window

Getting Rid of LIfe’s Baggages

It’s a cliché to point out that we only have one life and that we should make the most of it. But somehow, it always resonates with everyone. After all,

woman wearing heels

Ditch the Heels: Seeking Confidence in Comfort

The world may be scary. Going into job interviews, pitching proposals, thesis defense, etc.—these require a certain amount of strength and confidence to power through. So, cue the upbeat music,

online security

Digital Threats: How to Defend Yourself

How well do you present yourself in public? Many guys out there spend their time at hair salons for men to get their proper grooming. They also get their facial


The Perfect Furniture to Maximize Small Spaces

There’s no guessing how long the coronavirus will keep people indoors or, at the very least, hesitant to stand less than six feet apart from strangers. More people are choosing to

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